What Are Dental Implants?

Here then is your brief introduction to dental implants. To most of you, you will be thinking in terms of a dental fixture. But for the purposes of evaluating new dental implants in West Chester, the dentists could be thinking in clinical terms, as in the case of endosseous implants. This in itself is a surgical component that will be fused to the jaw’s bone or even the patient’s skull. This is being done to support what are known as dental prostheses. These would usually take the form of a bridge, crown or denture. It is also referred to as a facial prosthesis, in which case it would then act as the orthodontic anchor.

dental implants in West Chester

The presiding dentist will be engaged in what is known as the process of osseointegration. Materials are collected to create the close bond to the bone. Certainly, the most popular material that appears to be utilised is titanium. In the event, the implant fixture needs to be placed initially in order to kick-start this process. After this process is completed, the dental prosthetic will then be placed. But before the prosthetic is placed, a prescribed period of healing time needs to run its course. Once this healing time is over, the dental prosthetic will be attached to the prepared implant.

Alternatively, an abutment could be used. Prior to any consideration being given to the dental implants procedures, the presiding dentist first needs to take into account his patient’s general well-being. The patient needs to be in a reasonable good state of health. The doctor also needs to know whether or not his patient is taking any prescribed or over the counter medication for any other underlying conditions. Minor or major, these need not necessarily prevent the dental implant procedure from happening.

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